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The Power 
of Technology 

Today's Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies depend  on Technology and Innovation to provide a healthier tomorrow for patients and the entire ecosystem


What do we do?

We Help Our Clients to

Achieve Their Business Goals 

Resource Augmentation

Provide staffing solutions for your various project needs at onsite, off-site or offshore model to meet your budget and technology needs. Our Management Consulting services comes with result oriented risk based pricing models

Digital Transformation

We provide wide range of services in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. To name a few Patient Services, Market Access, Regulatory Information Management, Clinical Operations, Pharmacovigilance, Marketing Automation and Omni-channel communication

Product Development

Converting your manual and paper based process to automated and digital assets using 100% safe and HIPPA Compliant cloud based solutions which requires zero IT footprint to manage these applications.

Our Credentials





Over a decade we have been advancing science and patient health

Clients ranging from Fortune 200 companies to medical networks

Delivered several hundred digital innovation for customers

Resource pool to serve literally any technology on Staff Augmentation



Our PIPE Culture

Whether you are considering a relationship with Value Health as a customer, a partner, or a member of our team, we invite you to get to know us, our vision, our passion, and our commitment to building a great technology services to serve healthcare companies to drive patient health.

  • People: Value Health is determined in building a human capital that can contribute to not only its own growth but also its clients. We believe in bringing together talented individuals who can provide sole contribution and also work as a team with a united goal. Our culture specifically nurtures individuals with leadership qualities and raise them to be leaders by sharing our profit with everyone who works for us.

  • Innovation: We are bent on the effort to provide solutions for problems hindering healthcare and life-sciences industry through technology innovation. We also make sure our solution is not built for today's problem it can withstand future problems and challenges.

  • Product: All our solutions are built using components of Sales product suite or MERN stack. They are designed to provide robust, reliable and Cost effective software solutions with the best of breed platform approaches.

  • Execution: We preach what we practice. All our projects are executed using best project management tools which provides a flawless project execution and reusable components from our asset libraries. Hence we also take pride in our predictable delivery model. We approach every project with a customer first approach.



Value Health delivers their promises all the time when it comes to delivery

Sam Kalinini, Jr,Executive Director,

Bristol Myers Squibb

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Let’s Work Together

17 Campo Circle, Old westbury,

NY, 11568- United States of America

Tel: (866) 532-0881

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