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​Value Health Story​

Whether you are considering a relationship with Value Health Solutions as a customer, a partner, or a member of our team, we invite you to get to know us, our vision, our passion, and our commitment to building a great social enterprise for healthcare companies.

As an individual who is aligned to healthcare industry, I (Neil Parthasarathy) tend to spend more time with Health Care based crowd a lot. One of the weekends when I was attending a party, a middle aged HCP (Health Care Professional) said to few of us "my job has become more difficult recent days". We all asked him why does he say that. That Doctor said to us, previously he used to read journals/publication and attend meeting as part of the CME (Continuous Medical Education) program, but now he has to learn the new paradigm of healthcare where he has to learn all the healthcare policies/reforms and new HIPPA regulations. He concluded that the quality of care is not any different in his eyes between what we used to do few decades Vs now. But many systems and procedures they need to learn and keep up with. in order to fulfill their job duties.


In the same room quite a few HCPs were also present; I asked the crowd how many people around me today have a smartphone. Everyone's hand went up!. How many of you have more than one application you use on a daily basis. All hands remained high on the air. That is when I thought, companies like Apple and Samsung has revolutionized the market and Healthcare Industry and consumers. After few rounds of deeper discussion with few HCPs, I came with a finding “Connected Health” and “Social Health” is a way to go. As a result, I formed "Value Health Solutions" in February 2013 to start focusing on revolutionizing the healthcare Industry.​

Corporate Mission

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe


1:1:1 Profitability:Equity:Employee time


We are committed to give back to the society that has helped us to be who we are now. Every year 1% of our profits and equity will be donated to a non-profit organisation. Employees are encouraged to spend 1% of their project hours to volunteering in community activities like spreading health advocacy and educate people about clinical trials or prevention for dieseases etc. Community involvement and volunteerism are embedded in our mission other than being a top noch innovator of solutions that steer the life sciences industry.

Our founder came up with PIPE Concept to make every employee accountable for their own growth and the companies as well. PIPE is an acronym for People, Innovation, Product and Execution.


  • People: VHS is determined in building a human capital that can contribute to not only its own growth but also its clients. We believe in bringing together talented indiviguals who can provide sole contribution and also work as a team with a united goal. Our culture specifically nutures individuals with leadship qualities and raise them to be leaders.

Our PIPE Culture

  • Innovation: We are bent on the effort to provide solutions for problems hindering life-sciences industry through technology inovation. We also take care to ensure our solution is mobile platform compatible.

  • Product: All our solutions are built using components of Force.com also known as Salesforce 1 Platform. They are designed to provide robust, reliable and Cost effective software.

  • Execution: We preach what we practice. All our solutions are documented through out its SDLC lifecycle using Cloudmax which provides a flawless project execution. Hence we also take pride in our predictable delivery model. We approach every project with a customer first approach.

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