Value Study Optimizer


In today’s competitive environment, the race is on for Life Science Companies to streamline processes and successfully execute clinical trials in the most cost-efficient and timely manner.  Project Managers require tools that allow them to track trial progression in real-time, data management, synthesize and collaborate activities.  One of the key driving factors behind success in the industry is the ability of an organization to leverage enormous amounts of data to create a competitive advantage in clinical research and ultimately in drug development and sales.  Our software, is an optimization tool that helps organizations focus, compete effectively and achieve their long-term goals. 


  Value Study Optimizer allows for:

  • Timely access to reports that provide critical clinical trial information

  • CFR Part 11 compliant

  • Seamless integration between site staff and study team

  • Smart phone and device access for critical informaiton

  • Streamlined UI that’s easily navigateable across multiple platforms

  • Enables intelligent decision-making process through structured information flows, including but not limited to:

    • Historic site and investigator performance

    • Study progress measurement tools

    • Monitors effectiveness in "Trip Report Process"

    • Site startup effectiveness


• Automated Investigator & Site Identification

• Multi-channel campaign for Recruitment

• Pre-screening of patient online

• Perform site feasibility online

Benefits of Value Study Optimizer


• Electronic Site Contract Negotiation

• Remote monitoring support to sites for issue resolution real-time

• Electronic file exchange and access for all eTMF and Startup kit

• Integrated communication tracking tool to facilitate effective collaboration between sites and study team.


• Automated data mapping and extraction to all leading CDM/EDC tools

• Real-time protocol violation and deviation tracking


• Unified user interface reduces training complexity

• One stop shop for CTMS, eTMF and Site Portal

• Closed loop collaboration to drive results faster

• On the go access for critical operational data


• Real time study status tracking

• Real time site performance & adherence tracking

• Decrease patient drop-outs by increasing the patient engagement communities

• Remote patient data capture for diaries and ePROs.

• Integrated payments processing and online invoice submission

Value Study Optimizer Built-In Benefits

1. Consumerization

Value Study Optimizer utilizes the Salesforce1 platform to support consumerization. Traditional clinical studies were conducted on a closed network wherein sponsors were required to invest heavily on computer hardwares, which would then get shipped to the site for use in data gathering and collection.  Today even though many EDCs can run as a web application, one of the biggest issues is that users are plagued with an infinite number of firewall and browser compatibility issues.Value Study Optimizer was developed precisely to address these problems - our software can be run on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc and also can be run on any tablet based devices and smartphones. This aspect of consumeriation is very important for the overall cycle time of clinical data collection and enrolling the site into the study.

2. Pre-built Integrations

Our solution offers integration points between Value Study Optimizer and best-of-breed, strategic applications that integrate into Value Study Optimizer such as EDC, eCTD, Safety, SAS or Clinical Data Repository. Generally our customers are able to integrate with any of the down stream systems in order to take the trail for submission without any additional cost, the integration components between the applications are pre-built and offered at a very nominal cost to the customer. For PMS and Phase IV studies we can integrate with any regulatory authorities registry for regular update on the study progress.

3. Total Cost of Ownership

Most of the Life Sciences companies have at the least, over a dozen systems to manage their clinical trial processes when it comes to clinical and non-clinical data. Each of these systems come from different vendors, therefore interoperability is always at risk due to each vendor upgrading their software based on their roadmap.  Due to the different architectural platform, each system looks from the user interface and navigation perspective very different and cumbersome to use from the end user perspective . Value Study Optimizer platform will eliminate all these pains by putting one unified user interface to your all functions whether you are an internal user or partner or external user at a price which is lot lower than what you spend today. 

Due to the fact of not able to externalize the business functions to the partners and customers, many companies invested on point solutions and hardware to support these externalization which is time consuming and hard to maintain. By implementing our solutions we guarantee to externalize access to the partners and site as appropriate to drive speed and efficiency of data collection. Now all your workflow can be built on seamless platforms at an affordable and  predictable price.