The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints like scope, time, quality and budget. The approach to handle documentation requirement in SDLC has evolved over the years due to the advancement in the technology arena. 


The explosion of Internet, smart phones and connected devices have increased the need for ecient project management tools/techniques and project managers. Development teams have gone virtual literally since few decades, which requires proper collaboration between teams. Most enterprise applications have moved to the cloud, and project management is no exception. Investing in cloud project management applications empowers employees to be more productive and get more work done 

by accessing work information wherever they are.


The Cloud Max software platform incorporates an incremental systematic development approach that allows users to configure the scope for maximum flexibility.  Its versatility enables the incorporation of evolving complexities inherent in any given project into a successfully synchronized total system.​​​​​​​​​​



  • Iterative acquisition with real-time updates of user requirements

  • Flexible, readily changeable development planning with low remodeling costs

  • Incremental testing at every level

  • High customer involvement to ensure all specifications are provided

  • A continuous process improvement approach resulting in a final model that holds all the exact features required by the customer



  • Lucrative Business strategy: Software methodology that possesses the ability to successfully deliver results quickly and inexpensively on complex projects.

  • Distinctive Project Development: Cloud Max software is developed from the philosophy that every project has a unique set of requirements, and existing methods need to be tailored to best suit each project’s unique set of requirements.

  • Harmonize improvements: Allows users to configure the scope and address evolving complexities inherent in any given project into a successfully synchronized total system.

  • Progress Perpetually: A continuous process improvement approach that results in a final model that holds all the exact features required by the customer.

  • Instill customer alliance: Integrated design to enhance customer collaboration while allowing for concurrent modifications.

  • 24/7 Data Accessibility: CloudMax is a cloud-based project management solution, hence it’s priced affordably. It also goes a long way toward improving relations with customers who want to know that project milestones are being achieved on a timely basis.

  • Hype-connectivity: CloudMax incorporates Chatter, the leading enterprise social network, built on the Salesforce1 Platform. It allows teams to take action and sync up like never before. It allows creating custom actions and deploying instantly to every desktop and device.

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