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Healthcare, Life Sciences, Distribution and Payers

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Healthcare Providers

HealthOne: Is a service that combines product line such as Google Cloud’s technology and our expertise to deliver valuable cloud services and solutions in a cost effective and predictable manner. Designed to align with programs and incentives from Google Cloud and our Alliance partners like Avaya, Vonage, Square which delivers customized solutions that enable businesses to navigate their cloud journeys with confidence. 

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Drug Development 

ClinicalOne: Is a service that cuts across all phases of clinical development cycle such patient recruitment, site recruitment, regulatory approvals, clinical operations, clinical data collection from EMRs safety reporting and patient retention solutions. Our accelerators in this area helps organization to leverage proven and scalable solution for a fraction of the cost possible in the market. Our services are very much aligned with DCT and latest IOT device based data collections

Science Lab
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Prescription Drugs

Pharma & Biotech

Patient engagement solutions to drive patient centric solutions are new mantra in the Pharmaceutical industry. Our services are geared towards supporting solutions such patient registry using Google Dialogue Flows and Chatbots which can collect data from patient and service patients needs when they call for information

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