It is recognized that clinical data are key corporate assets in today’s biopharmaceutical industry. Turning data into meaningful information/insight is a core function for biopharma companies to make faster and more flexible assessments of compounds in development and design of clinical protocols. It also assists in tailoring the appropriate target population and enable innovative study initiatives and new clinical programs to ensure a robust clinical product pipeline. When the information from a clinical database or data warehouse develops into corporate knowledge, the value of the medicine can be realized.


Technology-driven strategies and initiatives have been in place in many biopharma organizations since 1990’s for various functions with in clinical development life cycle i.e. Clinical Data Management (CDM), Clinical Trial Management Solutions (CTMS), Clinical Data Warehouse, etc. These tools and systems are geared towards specific functions of the life cycle. Lot of things happen in the clinical development space before the site is recruiting and after the study is closed out in terms of getting approval from the regulatory authorities. This process and data sharing is still kept in PDF or word documents. What happens to these data for all the legacy studies which are required for initial product registration, clinical registry and subsequent post marketing requirements?


All these developments in the current biopharmaceutical arena demand that clinical data collection from the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) kept within various hospitals and clinics would be the leading change and influencing direction for providing objective evidence. InfoMax is a cloud based data extraction tool that reads any documents which can be used to collect clinical trials data from protocol outline to all the way through Clinical study reports in pdf format or word document. The data collected will be transferable to any database that is suitable to accept XML import. As an additional step to check the quality of the data extracted, the extracted data is brought to a cloud based tool where you can employ the quality control process before the data gets into the final database.



What can INFO MAX do for you?

  • Retrieve data from unstructured CSR and protocol documentsMaintain quality standards for the creation, modification, and transmission of clinical trial data.

  • Enrich master data management tool for protocol, investigator, e-feasibility.

  • Provide platform for data transparency initiatives while maintaining patient confidentiality.

  • Reduce costs - InfoMax can reduce costs by eliminating the need for a human to process clinical payments and invoices.