Why Social ?

What does Social Enterprise mean for Life Sciences Business? For many people it is marketing the products or services through social media channel. The answer is "NO". It is about making your company a "Customer Company". In the healthcare and life sciences business your customer "patients". So we are looking to make the companies "Patient Centric". Where is Healthcare as an Industry going? Health 2.0 is a participatory healthcare model. Health 2.0 will be powered by information, software, and community that we collect or create data from. While Life Sciences companies thriving to come up with "New Commercial Model", the patients want to be more effective on their health related decisions. How do you encourage the participation of people who can participate in reshaping the healthcare system across the globe? Needless to say why "Social" needs to be embedded in Healthcare. Traditional media of commercializing the drugs such as your brand sites, radio, TV and other advertising channels are not going to engage the customers the way Social Media would. Many surveys across the world has shown a significant decline in Physician’s interest to see a medical representative from any companies during their office hours. Social web sites for Physicians to collaborate among their peers like Sermo as an example had a very good success in the Industry. So your traditional influence model through physicians are challenged therefore medical representative’s call planning with Physicians and sales data driven targeting and segmentation using CRM tools are not enough to drive business in the future. So what does every "Life Sciences" company need, and how can they grow and stay profitable?


Many drug making companies have openly declared that they need to think “beyond the pill” and provide overall care management to the patient community. Few pilot programs have already started to demonstrate the value of overall care management solutions, to prove to their senior management and stakeholders. How do you implement the change and propagate the message. The best and cost effective way for customer engagement is "Social Media". 

The Power of Social Media and It's influence in Health Care Industry

 It is time we take this information to business decisions in Healthcare Industry.

How you become Connected?

Life science companies have to stay engaged with patients and providers more closely than ever to drive their business. The challenge is, how do you increase the patient and provider engagement and promote overall disease management solutions. If you want to be a Connected Enterprise, it is all about collaborating well within your ecosystem for all the functions across the enterprise.  We at Value Health Solutions believe and recommend to break the silos  and integrate social collaboration into your main functions. What does this mean? This means that organizations can operate the following three functions more towards social collaboration to drive "Value Health Solutions" to the community they serve.

  • Research to keep bringing in new drug and new treatment options.

  • Clinical Development to test the molecules and get it approved faster.

  • Social Care to help the community and the market you serve while staying profitable to your stakeholder. This unit will be an integrated unit for functions such as product launch, commercialization, manufacturing, supply chain and patient support. This can be only be done with an effort of abundance collaboration and Social Media.