End to End Clinical Trial Optimization Solution

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Cloud centralisation for trial data

Our design principle allows the participation of business users, IT counterparts and partners in the ecosystem.

Cloud centralisation for trial data


    ​Value Health Solutions is a leading provider of seamlessly integrated clinical trial management solutions.  We administer the right combination of client-centric approach and value for money concepts that uniquely sets the company apart from its competitors in the industry.  Multi-party engagement on disease management and clinical trials is critical for succesful research. Our model stems from the understanding that one size does not fit all, and each client deserves services and products tailored to their specific needs.  Our resources consist of industry veterans who actively listen and engage their customers in developing the right solutions. 


  The design principles we follow involve while developing a solution comprises the whole ecosystem of stakeholders such as subject matter experts (SME), IT counter parts and end users. Our solutions focuses on centralized access for trial data, allowing for simple user interface that is streamlined, convenient, secure and easily accessible for outside the firewall by various parties involved in the clinical trial process. Our software is versatile and scalable to fit both a sponsor or a CRO needs. Our innovative solutions focus on creating long-term compounding value. Every obstacle has a solution to be discovered, and at Value Health Solutions we find the way.