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While everyone calls it Value Propositions, we believe providing value is a given in every solutions and services we offer to our customers. We want you to learn from this page what else we do apart from providing value to our customers. Why are we different from the many other​​​​​​​​​​ player in the industry. We are not trying to solve your current problems, we are trying to cater for your tomorrow's need in shaping up the health care industry.


The Life Sciences field is undergoing global transformation due to technological change and innovation, as well as regulatory and political changes.  In order to address these challenges, improving efficiencies across the board are an integral part of the clinical trial process.  Value Health Solutions provides solutions that identify and address  process weaknesses.  Our products create a path that enables optimization in patient care, research efficiency, and regulatory compliance.  Developing long-term value through improved recruitment and retention processes.  Providing a universal platform for all parties involved to interact, collaborate, and grow. We make it happen at Value Health Solutions.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Value Health Solutions is a market leader in cloud-based platform integration. Uniform across-the-board synchronization standards enhance the scope and usability of our products across all forms of consumer based devices on multiple browser interfaces.  At Value Health our products are an extension of our philosophy: “Raising the bar, not the barriers.” 



Enable “Social Ready Enterprise” 

Social media is changing the nature and speed of health care interaction between customer and healthcare and Life Sicence organizations. Lot of valuable information is out there in social media whether you look at patient community websites, provider community websites or traditional giants like facebook, twitter, Google + you tube etc.  Our goal is to help you utilize this information and platform throughout the functions of your business to drive a healthy community while you stay profitable and compliant from the regulatory standpoint.

Enable “State of the art Technology” 

To  engage patients, providers, pharma and the connected health community to deliver quality care outside of traditional medical settings you need new technology and different mindset from havng a world class CRM tool. Telehealth, remote care and disease management initiatives reflect the opportunities for technology-enabled care programs.  Current clinical research practices are impacted by high cost and low recruitment and retention, and limited by how data can be collected. With our solutions such as Social Trial  platform there now exist new opportunities to facilitate the processes underlying clinical research and other functions for Life Sciences business.

Pre-built Integration Process

Our Integration framework dramatically reduces the effort to integrate with either with your existing on-premises applications or with any other third-party solutions such as EDC, CRM and HR which may be hosted internally or externally. We don't believe in offering point solutions for your problem. We always approach it from the end to end perspective. We are vendor and technology   agnostic when it comes to integration.

Meet 100% Regulatory Compliance Requirements

We provide capabilities for all your compliance related requirements. Our consultants know that accessing sensitive customer or client information that the organization comes into contact with is critical and needs to be treated with utmost care. We have identified such risks  and vulnerabilities of the confidentiality for all the touch points in our solutions and also backed up by a risk mitigation strategy. We help you with validated systems and help you comply  with all CFR part 11 requirements and  SOX compliance as per the solutions you purchase from us.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Most of the enterprise today is challenged with increased IT demands under a flat or shrinking budgets. Our solutions will help you to  replace the systems and processes which can be optimized from hardware, software and employment productivity standpoint by enabling social media and cloud infrastructure.

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